The two methods showcased are not the only ways to cover the wire boxes.

There are a number of choices, including metal covers and masking or duct tape. Compa Covers are better than any of them. The polycarbonte we use prevents not only the infusion of paint and foam, but also holds out any intrusion by cutters.

Stop giving your time away on jobs gone bad.

On this page we have placed a video of two ways to cover your wires. One is the old faithful Duct Tape and Cardboard method, while the other is the Compa Covers way. The point is obviously to show the speed and ease of installing Compa Covers.

Imagine the time on either method multiplied by one hundred. You will often be installing many more, but one hundred makes for easy math. And for some, it's even realistic to multiply by one thousand (or more).


Your time is important.

Don't throw it away on needless and ineffective methods.

When you have a lot of wire boxes to install, every delay can put your earnings on hold.

If a faulty method forces you to fully reinstall your boxes, the losses can go exponential.


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Time trials... compare time spent on 2 methods.