If a picture is worth a thousand words…

Then you don't need to read any more info about why to use Compa Covers. If you have never seen this kind of thing before, then count your blessings, but be aware that an ounce of prevention is worth…

well, you know the rest.

Plaster filled electrical box. Use Compa Covers next time. Reason #1

The plaster got through the tape and cardboard.

Exposed wires fire hazard. Use Compa Covers next time. Reason #2

The clean-up left the wires ruined and exposed.

Painted wires. Use Compa Covers next time. Reason #3

Paint does not clean off wires easily.

Foam covered wires. Use Compa Covers next time. Reason #4

Foam insulation fills a wall very easily.

Seriously, use Compa Covers next time. Reason #5

That same foam does not come off your wires as easily.

There's not a lot to say about this stuff, except to offer a solution. So send us an email, fill out our Contact form, or...

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Thank you
Compa Covers,

With a small dollar investment you have saved our employees many frustrating laborious hours, locating and beating stucco out of boxes, and the added benefit of being able to reuse them on numerous jobs is icing on the cake.

What a great invention.


Thanks again,

Linda Hallatt

Hallatt Electric Service, Inc.
Cape Coral, Florida





Photo page... five reasons you need Compa Covers.