Compa Covers are light and easy to carry around.

Which bucket would you rather carry up 4 floors?

Compa Covers are built for many prominent residential and commercial electrical boxes.

Covers are available for both
Residential & Commercial
use, and in virtually
any quantity.

Compa Covers are designed from the ground up for just one purpose, to save you precious time.

Flush Front Surface
forces cutting tools away from the wire box.

Bright Colors
make it easier to locate boxes partially obscured by plaster and paint.

Raised Handle
provides easy removal and
also alerts board hangers that there is a box underneath.

Heavy Duty Polycarbonate
is strong enough to hold out cutters and routers.

A great amount of planning went into
making our covers a snap to use.

First, we chose to make our covers from a material which could withstand the harsh conditions typically encountered by electrical boxes during construction. That material is polycarbonate, the same material used for windows in supermax prisons, and for the windshields on up-armored HumVs in the Middle East. A material that can block an incoming round from an AK47 can definitely keep a router blade from scrambling your wires.

Second, the flexibility of this material allows us to build the "snap-in snap-out" installation of our covers. There is no need to waste time with a screw driver, no risk of losing the right screws or of having to dig out plaster from where the screws should go. This also contributes to the reusability of the covers.

Third, the shape of the covers is deliberate. The wings and posts that enable easy placement are just part of the story. As important is the raised handle and bright color of the piece. The protruding handle refuses to let a wall hanger cover up your box without checking what is in the way. And when the work is done, the protruding bright colored handle is easier to find, so you can pick up where you left off before the wall hanging, painting or insulating began.

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American Flag signifies that Compa Covers are made in America.


Up-armored hummer uses same polycarbonate as Compa Covers.

Supermax prison uses same polycarbonate as Compa Covers.

Supermax prisons and
up-armored HumVs

both use the same resiliant polycarbonate material as
used in Compa Covers.

Compa Covers use posts and wings to snap quickly and securely into place, and out as easily when you are ready.

Wings and Posts
snap in and out without screws.


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Our Products... Compa Covers are designed simple, to make your work simple.