Our covers are designed
with the realities of the
workplace in mind.

It began with one man solving a problem

The "Compa Cover" was invented by Carlo Compagnone Jr., a self-employed master electrician of more than 20 years experience. Carlo recognized first hand the ongoing problems and horror stories faced by electricians and other contractors when a careful wiring job is exposed to hostile conditions like paint, foam insulation and routers. Hours of work can be ruined by simple mistakes, leaving a huge clean-up or even the need to completely replace the first set of electrical boxes. All this can harm profits, slow down a work schedule and erode customer confidence.

What could be done to make this annoying problem go away? For Carlo it had to be simple, fast, reliable and inexpensive. Because commonly used materials like duct tape, cardboard and thin gauge metal were either slow or ineffective, or both, the choice of materials was critical. The solution: heavy duty polycarbonate, a material that is light, durable, reusable and inexpensive to manufacture. The concept became a product which has helped many tradesmen keep their jobs under control.

Compa Covers, Inc. is located in the Boston area of Eastern Massachusetts. Our products can be shipped anywhere in the world, in any quantity, from one or two, on up. We are happy to speak with large buyers and individual contractors alike. Please call us with any questions.



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Up-armored hummer uses same polycarbonate as Compa Covers.
Supermax prison uses same polycarbonate as Compa Covers.
Compa Covers uses same polycarbonate as found in supermax prisons and up-armored hummers.

What's the connection between these three subjects?

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