Residential &

sizes available.

Wings & Posts
snap in and out
without screws.

Flush Front Surface
forces cutting tools away
from the wire box.

Bright Colors
make it easier to locate
boxes partially obscured
by plaster and paint.

Raised Handle
provides easy removal
and also alerts board
hangers that there is a
box underneath.

Heavy Duty

is strong enough to hold
out cutters and routers

Save Time, Energy and Money by eliminating lengthy post-job cleanup

Prevent wire damage caused by routers, spray paint, plaster, cutting tools and spray foam insulation. Stop searching for buried boxes. You work hard to keep your jobs profitable. Why allow board hangers to double the time it takes you to complete your work and collect your money?

Baseball, America’s favorite passtime. Let Compa Covers put you there.

Where will you spend the time
you save by using Compa Covers?

Electrician designed Compa Covers are durable, reusable and inexpensive. Our simple, easy-to-use solution saves you from fire hazard caused by chewed up wires, time lost finding and digging out buried boxes and the loss of customer confidence due to call backs and delays.

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Compa Covers Electrical Box Protectors
Cover up your wires, not your mistakes.

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